About Voxable

Voxable’s mission is to improve the world with technology that understands humans.

  • We believe that innovative technology can power more intuitive interfaces.
  • We create human-like conversational experiences through research and collaboration.
  • We share our work through Open Source projects to accelerate technological growth.
  • We write, speak, and build communities as industry thought leaders.

Voxable Leadership

Voxable is an Austin-based conversational interface agency founded by designer Lauren Golembiewski and engineer Matthew Buck in 2015. After working in the tech industry for over a decade, Lauren and Matthew began experimenting with and building software for the earliest voice-first devices. The intuitive and delightful interactions they built for their own conversational interfaces fuel their passion for this technology.

The Voxable team is dedicated to solving business problems by designing and developing more human-like conversational interfaces.

Lauren Golembiewski

Lauren Golembiewski

CEO & Co-founder

Lauren's personal mission is to bring more designers, writers, and UX practitioners into a conversational design discipline. She believes conversational interfaces and platforms have yet to reach their full potential and designers have a huge opportunity to address users' needs better through conversational design. As CEO and Co-founder, Lauren leads Voxable's conversational design services which include everything from helping large enterprises develop their conversational strategies to supporting smaller teams implementing their first chatbots and voice interfaces. She regularly writes, speaks, and facilitates workshops about conversational design.

Matt Buck

Matt Buck

CTO & Co-founder

Matt has worked with several high-profile engineering teams in the Austin startup scene during his tech career. His recent work includes helping to launch the MarkerSquare coding bootcamp as the instructor for its inaugural cohort and directing front-end engineering efforts through a successful IPO at Rapid7, a cybersecurity company, as its Senior User Interface Architect. Throughout this time, he has come to learn the immense value of sane development processes and a relentless focus on code quality, and he strives to impart these lessons by regularly speaking at user groups and conferences.