Conversation Design with Voxable: API, CLI, & Plugins

An illustration of a desk with a computer and smart speaker. The computer displays the text "Conversation Design with Voxable" and the smartspeaker displays the text "API, CLI, & Plugins."
Matt Buck

In our previous product post, we reviewed how conversation designers can use Voxable to define contexts and manage complex data in their designs. Here I’ll cover how developers can use Voxable to extract content and data from conversation designs. 

One of the most important requirements of conversation designs (and designers) is to clearly communicate specifications with the developer(s) responsible for implementing the voice or chat app. Developers need an easy way to extract content and data from conversation designs so they can:

  • Create initial natural language understanding (NLU) models
  • Generate structured application data and content
  • Export content for review and use in implementation such as a content management system (CMS)
  • Use designs as a basis for automated tests


Keeping the ease of designer-developer hand-off in mind, the Voxable team built an application programming interface (API) and an open-source command-line interface (CLI). The API gives developers direct access to structured project data from conversation designs created in Voxable. The open-source CLI provides developers with an easy way to work with that data. 

Use the CLI to export Voxable project data.


Voxable is also working with the conversational AI community to establish a library of CLI plugins that connect Voxable projects to popular conversational platforms. These plugins extend the functionality of the Voxable CLI, allowing developers to transform Voxable conversation designs into a variety of useful formats.

The Voxable CLI plugin for Bespoken transforms Voxable conversation designs into automated tests for the Bespoken voice and chat testing platform. Razvan Dinu, CEO of RoboSelf, also submitted the first pull request to the Voxable CLI repository, adding a plugin that transforms Voxable projects into RoboSelf’s colang conversational AI modeling language.

Generate an API key in the Voxable app and use the CLI to extract Bespoken test data.

As we expand Voxable’s set of plugins, we’d love to hear from users about how they’d like to leverage the data in their conversation designs. Want us to add a specific platform or support a feature? Have the technical folks on your team submit a pull request! We’re always looking to partner with more conversational AI platforms; so, please get in touch if you think a collaboration makes sense.

Developers and more technical users can read more about the Voxable API, CLI, and plugins on Voxable’s Technical Docs site and check out the Voxable Technical Community on GitHub. The Voxable Technical Community is a great way for technical users to interact with each other and the Voxable team, show off work, get questions answered, and find help building the next Voxable plugin.

Voxable is the collaborative, open-ended, and channel-agnostic platform teams need to streamline conversation design. We believe emphasizing the importance of conversation design and creating a platform to adequately support the process will lead to better conversational UX for everyone. Sign up for the beta and help Voxable become the best conversation design platform for teams building voice and chat apps.