Conversation Design with Voxable: Diagram View

Lauren Golembiewski

In our last product post, we shared how our script editor helps users compose conversation scripts by adding conversation turns, structure, and UI elements. Now, we’ll cover how Voxable users can view and manage the conversation structure during their design process.

View the full structure of a script by activating the diagram view.

Creating branches in the script editor allows users to define their voice or chat app’s various conversational responses, but users must also be able to visualize the structure of all the possible conversation turns to understand the complexity of their designs. Voxable’s diagram view automatically translates the script structure into a diagram so users can analyze the app's complexity, navigate to other scripts, and iterate on their conversation designs. While viewing a diagram, users can highlight individual paths of the conversation which represent a script they can open and edit. 

We plan to supercharge the diagram view and are currently gathering more research to understand how Voxable can better support users’ conversation design processes.

Voxable simplifies the conversation design process for individuals and teams. We believe emphasizing the importance of conversation design and creating a platform to adequately support the process will lead to better conversational UX for everyone. Next, we’ll share more about Voxable’s preview mode feature. In the meantime, sign up for the beta and help Voxable become the best conversation design platform for people building voice and chat apps.