Conversation Design with Voxable: Voice Selection with Amazon Polly

Lauren Golembiewski

A few weeks back, we announced the Voxable Design Assistant which enables teams to expedite script creation by using artificial intelligence to suggest messages with the click of a button. This week, we released a much-requested feature that gives teams more control over their designs: voice selection with Amazon Polly. 

We want Voxable to support teams designing experiences for customers on any conversational channel. Now, Voxable users can design with all 31 languages and dialects supported by Amazon Polly, the Amazon Web Services text-to-speech (TTS) service. Amazon Polly voices power most of the skills on the Alexa platform. 

Adding voice selection with Amazon Polly to Voxable means users can hear how their designs will sound in a variety of languages through preview mode and optimize scripts immediately. When Voxable users start a project, they choose the appropriate voice for their project. They can also change their project's voice after project creation by selecting the project settings icon in the header bar.

Select the project settings icon ⚙ and use the Voice dropdown to select a voice.

Voxable is the collaborative, open-ended, and channel-agnostic platform teams need to streamline conversation design. We believe emphasizing the importance of conversation design and creating a platform to adequately support the process will lead to better conversational UX for everyone. Sign up for the beta and help Voxable become the best conversation design platform for teams building voice and chat apps.