Migrate from Botmock to Voxable

The Botmock logo, an arrow pointing to the right, and the Voxable logo.
Matt Buck

Botmock recently announced that it’s been acquired by Walmart and will be shutting down public access to its services on December 1, 2021. First and foremost, we’d like to extend a huge congratulations to the entire Botmock team! We also want to thank Botmock CEO Obaid Ahmed for mentioning Voxable as an alternative conversation design platform in his customer email announcing the acquisition.

Export Your Botmock Designs

Voxable is the design platform for teams that want to build better voice and chat apps. It’s collaborative, open-ended, and channel agnostic—very similar to Botmock. The Voxable team is currently speaking with a number of teams that are looking to transition their existing Botmock conversation designs into a new tool like Voxable.

Recreating these designs from scratch could be a cumbersome, time-consuming process, especially for large enterprises with dozens or hundreds of conversational flows. Luckily, the Botmock platform allows customers to export designs, which means that some amount of this transition work can be automated and save your team time and (potentially quite a bit of) money.

While we investigate what it will take to build an automatic way to import Botmock conversation designs to Voxable, we’re looking to partner with former Botmock customers to help them smoothly transition their work into Voxable. As a Voxable customer, you’ll have a chance to help shape the direction of the Voxable platform as we continue to expand its capabilities into more aspects of conversational AI design and development.

Start the Botmock Migration Today

If you want to discuss migrating your Botmock designs, reach out to us here and a member of the Voxable team will be in touch with you shortly. We’ll give you an overview of the Voxable platform, determine which Botmock features were most crucial to your workflow, and discuss a migration strategy.

The conversational AI space is fast-moving, and shifts like this are bound to happen periodically in this burgeoning market. The founders of Voxable have spent years helping teams with their conversational technology and are here to make the transition as straightforward as possible.

Get in touch with Voxable today to begin migrating your designs from Botmock and ensure you can continue to deliver automated conversations that are crucial to the success of your business.