Voxable Speaks at SXSW

Lauren Golembiewski

SXSW comes to Austin every year and sweeps through the city with a week and a half of engaging talks, excellent films, and badass music. For locals like us, the decision is always around how much we want to dive into the excitement. With the new Intelligent Future track, diving in wasn’t too difficult a decision. The SXSW team packed the Intelligent Future track with the most forward-thinking topics and talks. Voxable was honored to be a part of this track with our session, The History and Future of Speaking with Machines.

Our own Matt Buck started the session by covering the centuries-long history of humanity’s effort to give machines the ability to both speak and listen. Then I talked about the current state-of-the-art in speech technology and about how designers and developers can use that technology to build great voice experiences. Matt finished our session with an exciting live coding demo that showed how to code an Action on Google in under ten minutes (about seven and a half minutes to be exact).

Check out our slides below, and stay tuned for our video about how to build an Action on Google in under ten minutes.