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Voxable creates an alternative to festival apps. We custom build chatbots for festivals which help attendees navigate their schedule and get information. It’s like having a conversation with attendees directly.

Our chatbots help festivals communicate important information with customers directly.


Interacting with a festival bot

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We’ve combined natural language input with guided conversation to provide the best experience for the user. This means users can ask for what they need directly as well as discover new information as they chat.

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We craft onboarding experiences that quickly introduce the best features of the bot. We use structured messages to deliver menus, settings, and content through the bot.

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Bots can learn more about who they’re interacting with. As the bot gathers information, like the type of ticket a user bought, or their favorite bands at the festival, the bot will be able to lead users to more relevant information.

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Notifying your customers

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Bots send out important announcements to users which generate push notifications through the messaging app.

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Targeting the content that you push out to users will provide them with less noise. Conversational context along with user profiles help our bots get the right messages to the right people.

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Users can subscribe to future notifications so that you can continue to market to your existing customer in the off-season.

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Discovering your bot

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Your customers find your bot through the messaging apps or social networks they already use.

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Facebook Messenger bots can be accessed by messaging your festival’s Facebook page or in the Messenger mobile app. Facebook Ads built for Messenger drive users to start chatting with the bot.

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Messenger codes provide a scannable image that will lead users into a chat with the bot. These codes work well when placed on signage and printed handouts.

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“Having Sir-Bot-A-Lot at the ready for our fans and customers not only took a major work load off our social media team, but it got important information to the customer immediately and in a clearer and more precise way.”

Ian Orth

Ian Orth, Marketing Director at Margin Walker Presents

Chatbots are the most direct way to communicate with your attendees.

How does a festival chatbot built by Voxable work?

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Leading up to the event

  • Help potential customers learn about what’s happening at the festival, the types of tickets that are available and how to plan their trip.
  • Integrate your ticketing platform to allow users to purchase their tickets within the bot.
  • Leading up to the festival, send schedule updates and announcements to ticket holders.
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During the event

  • Guide the user about how to get around, where to eat and what’s going at the festival.
  • Let users access their schedule and share it with friends so they can decide where to go and what to do.
  • Send out important announcements about when their bands are playing, artist set changes or what to do if bad weather comes.
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Promoting the next event

  • Follow up with users after the festival to let them know about your plans for next year.
  • Send past attendees updates about their favorite bands and related bands that are playing the next fest.
  • Keep them in the know about pre-sales and promotions for the next event.

What is the process for building a festival bot?

Our experience with building festival chatbots and consulting with festivals about their chatbot strategy has helped us develop a framework for designing and developing custom chatbots for large events. That means we’ve solved a lot of the problems around working with event schedules, organizing event content, and guiding users at various stages of their festival experience.

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Technology Review

The first step to building your chatbot is a review of your current technology and practices. If you’re an existing festival, or you’re developing other touch points like an app or website, we want to make a plan about how we can ensure we’re working from the same information. If you’re deciding on a chatbot, we want to be able to understand the options for incorporating with other technology and services (like schedules or ticketing), as well as make recommendations about how we share and update festival info.

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Content Strategy

Your marketing content, social media posts, and core festival information like schedules and artist profiles are organized for the chatbot experience. We also consider the timing of the information and the various options that will affect the user’s experience. We’ll develop a persona and brand around the bot or incorporate the established festival brand. Once we have a deep understanding of the content and how we’ll use it, we begin crafting the message structure for each delivery channel.

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Conversational Intelligence

Once we understand all of the content the bot will give users access to, we construct a conversational intelligence will make that content flow for the user. We’ll build a Natural Language Understanding model which allows users to use their own words to request information. A user might ask, “What’s happening at the Blue Stage around noon?” and a chatbot would be able to understand and return with a list of artists playing at that location at that time. We design our chatbots to keep the natural flow of conversation by adapting to the user.

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Testing and Iteration

After we’ve built the guided conversation and the natural language interactions, we focus on testing the bot and refining it. Optimally, we invest in real user testing, which puts the bot in front of real users to see how they interact with it. This provides a tremendous amount of feedback for us to refine the bot with. We’ll be able to refine the Natural Language Understanding to make sure it is understanding all of your users. We’ll also be able to refine the User Experience and identify where users might need more information or better explanations. It’s the best way to make sure the bot is doing what it should be.

We deliver your bot to the channels your attendees already use.

Facebook Messenger






Amazon Alexa

Actions on Google

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About Voxable

We’re experts in building conversational interfaces–chatbots, Alexa skills, Actions on Google, and native or web CUIs. By focusing on this emerging technology, we have learned a great deal about conversational design and development best practices which save our clients time and money. After building our first festival chatbot for the Sound On Sound music festival in Austin, we knew that chatbots would be a great tool that could benefit all festivals.

Headquartered in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, Voxable has had the pleasure of working with some of the best production companies, booking agents and festival producers. We believe chatbots can solve technology and communication issues that festivals need to overcome to provide better experiences for their customers and staff. Our mission is to understand the needs of festival teams and their customers to facilitate great communication through our chatbots.

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Interested in building a chatbot for your event?

We pride ourselves in crafting well-designed bots for our clients. Our experience with festivals means we know how to to flex to the unique needs of large, organized events. Get in touch with us to discuss ideas for your event, what needs you have, and the next steps for getting a quote for your festival chatbot.

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