Conversational AI with Voxable: Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Design better conversational AI experiences by learning more about NLU.

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Apr 14, 2022
11:00 am
Central US
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2022-04-14 11:00

📋 Webinar Overview

Natural language understanding (NLU) is an essential component of voice and chat apps. NLU is the technology that translates messy human language into structured data a computer can understand. The rise of easy-to-use NLU platforms like Amazon Lex and Microsoft LUIS has increased interest in conversational AI.

Conversation designers who understand the basics of NLU can design with an appreciation for the limits of what’s currently possible, and they have a much easier time communicating with developers when it comes time for project hand-off.

Join Voxable’s CTO Matt Buck for this free 30-minute introduction to NLU. Matt will cover the basics of intent recognition, entity extraction, and model training. Bring your technical or design questions for the Q&A session following the presentation!

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🤓 Webinar Presenter

Matt Buck

Conversational Developer, CTO & Co-founder, Voxable

Matt has worked with several high-profile engineering teams in the Austin startup scene during his tech career. Prior to co-founding Voxable, he helped launch the MakerSquare coding bootcamp as the instructor for its inaugural cohort and directed Rapid7's front-end engineering efforts through a successful IPO as its Senior User Interface Architect. Throughout his career, he's come to learn the immense value of sane development processes and a relentless focus on code quality; he strives to impart these lessons by regularly speaking at user groups and conferences.