VoiceFirst Expert AMA

Have your conversational tech questions answered by the pros.

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Jul 23, 2020
8:00 pm
Central US
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2020-07-23 20:00

📋 Webinar Overview

Join Voxable’s CEO Lauren Golembiewski and CTO Matt Buck for a 45-minute AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) webinar fueled by participants’ (your) questions. What do you want to know about conversational interface design, development, technology, platforms, devices, strategy, AI, machine learning, and so on? Register for this free webinar and ask the experts directly!

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🤓 Webinar Presenter

Lauren Golembiewski

Conversational Designer, CEO & Co-founder, Voxable

Lauren's personal mission is to bring more designers, writers, and UX practitioners into the conversation design discipline. She believes conversational interfaces and platforms have yet to reach their full potential and designers have a huge opportunity to address users' needs better through conversation design. Prior to co-founding Voxable, Lauren led venture accelerator and big data startup design teams. She's created conversational strategies and well-designed conversational experiences for both early-stage startups and Fortune 10 companies. She often writes, speaks, and facilitates workshops about conversation design.

Matt Buck

Conversational Developer, CTO & Co-founder, Voxable

Matt has worked with several high-profile engineering teams in the Austin startup scene during his tech career. Prior to co-founding Voxable, he helped launch the MakerSquare coding bootcamp as the instructor for its inaugural cohort and directed Rapid7's front-end engineering efforts through a successful IPO as its Senior User Interface Architect. Throughout his career, he's come to learn the immense value of sane development processes and a relentless focus on code quality; he strives to impart these lessons by regularly speaking at user groups and conferences.